Friday, September 24, 2010

Juan Felipe Herera Response

I thought that Herera's lecture was very refreshing and entertaining. He talks about the Chicano culture as a tranforming culture. He brings up the importance of chat books representing history and accounts story tellers bringing themselves to life and it's about the dedication to people after they are deceased that keeps them living. I think that chat books are important to him because it is a process that is easy and writers don't have to be proned by expectations from others such as big time mainstream publications.

I also appreciate the idea of writing being an ingredient that bends time. There is something reminiscent about transcendence and the emotion that people feel toward literature over time, being something that is always relevant. HIs lecture was very intriguing, not your average boring informational tone presentation. He brought life to his people and you can see his enthusiasm throughout. I think that his statement of "writers always writing even if it doesn't look like writing," is very powerful and also goes back to what people expect "writing" to look like. It is always important to recognize experimental writing and the leaping stages to create something unique to readers/audiences.

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