Sunday, September 5, 2010

Audre Lorde and Power in Poetry

Poetry shouldn’t have to go under the same magnify glass as race and gender does.  Everyday people are distinguished, segregated, stereotyped, and judged do to their skin color and gender. By labeling a race to a certain person or characteristic ,encourages both negative and positive stereotypes. By labeling poetry either black or white restricts and distracts the reader from reading the work without prejudice. I believe that poetry is used  for an outlet and a tool for social consciousness.  Audre Lorde points out that we label our work because in society ,people are stratified and differentiated due to their race, gender and worth in society. We are held by the social constraints of “being black” enough and “being a lady”. Language  and terms embody aesthetics ,values, norms and beliefs about a certain characteristic. Such as lady you must be domesticated,  submissive, have purity and piety. When someone says that word all of these unsaid descriptions rush to your head. Poetry is a way to break down those meanings by using language and poetry. Writers are rewriting what it means to black and women are rewriting what it means to be a lady. In Audre Lordes essay “Poetry is not a Luxury” she describes that writing is a necessity to change and to speak up. Poetry is used to promote social change and the freedom of a specific gender and race.

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